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Community Public Notices – Keep It Local.

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Pamplin Media Group is the largest Oregon newspaper publisher of Community Newspapers, business and trade news, and public notices. We publish 25 newspapers, with total weekly print readership exceeding 500,000, and monthly website visits totaling more than 3.3 million. For over four decades, Pamplin Media Group has been locally owned and operated, and we will not stray from our core belief that local business should be done locally.

Marc Caplan, Pamplin Media Group’s statewide Public Notice Manager, has for the past 40 years, been considered the foremost expert on public and legal notices in published in Oregon. The legal community, construction industry, municipalities and government agencies all over the state, have relied upon Marc to handle their notices and ensure compliance with ORS and ORCP requirements.


“When members of our firm need to publish legal notices, we place them with Marc Caplan at Pamplin Media Group.  It’s always good to work with someone you know and trust.”
– Peggy Hennessy, Reeves, Kahn, Hennessy & Elkins, Attorney at Law, Portland, OR

“As an attorney, I often need to place legal notices in the newspaper.  I rely entirely on Marc Caplan at Pamplin Media Group to service those needs.  Marc knows that as an attorney, I am often on a pretty tight time schedule.  Marc is always professional, punctual, and service oriented.  I trust him implicitly, and he has never failed to provide top quality service at a reasonable price and in the time frame promised.  Marc is a man of integrity and I recommend him and Pamplin Media Group to other professionals who have legal notice needs.”
– Wendell L. Belknap, Attorney at Law, Oregon City, OR


“Samuels Yoelin Kantor LLP has used Marc Caplan extensively in connection with our legal notice needs. Marc’s service has always been impeccable, his response time immediate, and his follow-through stellar. Through 40 years of practice, I have never encountered a problem with either Marc or his service. In a world where things can go wrong on a regular basis, Marc sets himself apart from the crowd through his reliability and dependability. His response time is exemplary. I am privileged to have been able to work with Marc for so many years.”
Stephen E. Kantor, Partner, Attorneys at Law, Samuels Yoelin Kantor LLP


“Throughout the years, I’ve found Marc Caplan to be a wonderful source for handling my publication needs; not only for probates, but for foreclosure notices and the rest of the legal work I do, that may require publication. When I learned that Marc had left his former employer and become associated with the Pamplin Media Group, I immediately instructed our paralegals to follow him. That way, I know my publication work will be done right the first time.
– Richard A. Uffelman, Shareholder, Buckley law P.C.”



For compliant and accurate publishing of your notices,
in fully qualified, locally owned and operated newspapers,
with huge community reach and coverage, please contact Marc:  or  telephone (503) 799-3274.